The Hame

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The Hame, is located on the Hemel Hempstead Road just outside Redbourn, in Hertfordshire England. Built in 1996 it is a red brick bungalow and was built on the sight of an old car garage.

The Hame was originally the name of a nursery business, that was run from the site in the 1960s. The reason for the name itself is unknown but is likely to be have been provided by someone with a Scottish background, as the word is often seen in Scottish poetry, in place of ‘the home’, although I have also found Scandinavian references to the word.

Anyway, the Hame is now home of myself Jim Tierney, my wife Christine and our children Becky, Katie and Daniel

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The site before the house was built

Following construction

After the landscaping

After the first extension

And now after the second  extension