Extension 1

The Extension – May 2008

Day 1 12 May 2008

Day 2 13 May 2008

We have a Dumper

The excavation threw up a surprising find

The burial mound takes shape

The foundation on the house are partially done. The first council inspection is tomorrow!!!

 Day 3  14 May 2008

The spoil is spread at the back of the garden.

Day 4  15 May 2008

The Council Inspector gave the OK so the first pour can take place

The spoil heap grows

Day 5 16 May 2008

Well, not much progress today

The foundations went down for the retaining wall….

…and the last of the spoil was dumped around the base of the tree

Day 6 19 May 2008

Sand and Cement Mixer Arrives – No other progress

Day 7 20 May 2008

Blocks Arrive – No other progress

Day 8 21 May 2008

Bricky (or is that blocky) arrived

Day 9 22 May 2008

Day 10 23 May 2008

The pipe work with regard to levels are proving to be a bit of a mare

Hacking into the house begins

Day 11 24 May 2008


Day 12 25 May 2008

More rain

Day 13 26 May 2008

and sunshine…………….

……..No, not really, just more rain

Day 14 27 May 2008

At last it’s out of the ground


After a week s hols


Concrete floor and insulation is in. The external brickwork starts. Looking good so far…




14/6/2008 – The brickwork on the house is complete!!!

The internal walls out started and Chris decides to use the facilities

The Shower

The Office

and………..practising her come to bed look . Corrrrrrr

06 July 08

Well after a delay of a few weeks due to the roof design being questioned by building control, we have now drawn up new plans which involve the use of a fabricated steel structure or ‘Cranked Beam’. Unfortunately that means a further two week delay. Hopefully the next picture here will involved a big crane!!!

Watch this space.

2 August 08

At last the beam is delivered. Hopefully we will see some building activity next week!

7 August 08

Some work. A wee bit of a roof.

12 August 08

Uncle Moss arranged a crane for us and the steels can at last be put in place.

Cranked beam in place

Then the straight one is lifted

13 August 08

A bit more roof

14 August 08

Roof Frame near completion………but rain stops play, bugger.

 20 Aug 08

Garden wall takes shape

Internal sill under which wardrobes will be built and above which up-lighters will sit, are constructed.

Roofers here tomorrow, weather dependent!

21 August 08

Roofers start and one side of garden wall complete

28 August 08 – Wall and stairs complete. And a couple of windows in, minus glass


30 August 08 – First fit electrics. It’s eaten 300m of CAT6, 100m of satellite cable already.

1 September 08 – Breakthrough. The old house joins the new. This is the new third bedroom. Ensuite walls have yet to be errected.

The wet floor was as a result of the builders accidently drilling through hot and cold pipes in the floor.

A day without water and one plumber later,  and all was sorted.

4 September 08

Studwork for the bathroom

The roofing begins

Beam is looking a bit low, but should look better with some plaster board.

5 September  08

Nearly there on the outside

7 September 08

Is there enough. Should I have put more in. Ummm

8 September 08

Steaming along. Celotex, Velux and roof.

12 September 08

Just the ridge tiles to go on the roof

Plasterboard goes up

 The 3rd bedroom takes shape

22 September 08

Back from hols and scaffolding is down.

Plasterboard on


Just some ridge tiles to go to complete the outside. Windows are stained and ready to glaze

 1 October

Progress is a bit slow but getting there


Ridge tiles on and tiles around ‘skirt’

Ceiling plastered and scratch coat on some of the walls.

08 October

Plaster nearly dry, Plumber here in morning, 3rd bed scratch coat in progress. Concrete screed due early next week.


25 October

Screed took about a week to dry but all done now, back doors are on and glazed, plumbing and tiling underway and some radiators on also.

Probably about 3 week to completion now. We can’t wait to have our house back.



 30 October – Some cabinets in the Bathroom



8 November – Nearly there…