Extension 2

Here we go again! We must be mad

Second extension will give us a new kitchen diner space with separate utility room plus a fifth bedroom with en suite in space vacated by the old kitchen and dining room

Week 1 – Day 1 – 27 January 2014

Parts of the foundations from the old garage that used to be on the site show themselves.

Plus what looked like an air raid siren, some other rusting metal work and some ‘vintage’ bottles

The ground to the front of the extension was very crumbly so had to be shuttered before concrete pour…


Day 3 – 29 Jan Even so three trucks of concrete required to fill the foundations

Day 5 – 31 Jan – Foundations complete. Soak-away in and rain drains installed

Brickwork, Insulation and sand arrive

Week 2 –  Brickwork to damp course mostly complete

 Week 3 – 11-Feb – Main brickies arrive and it begins to rise. Weather causing kitchen area to look like a pool

Day 14 – 13-Feb – Window openings appear. The are higher that usual for kitchen cabinets to fit beneath

Day 14 – 13 Feb – Oops extra window installed to front……

Day 15 – 14 Feb……But soon remedied

Week 4 – 16 – 17 Feb – Beginning to be able to imagine what the bi-fold door will look like

Day 19 – 20 Feb Uprights for the steel work installed

Day 20 – 21 Feb Scaffolding erected

Week 5  24 – 28 Feb

Up to roof height – steel delivered for over back doors

It’s a big one

Steel Uprights ready for main steel roof supports

and toward the end of the week the steel in place

Week 6 – 3 – 7 Mar

 Soldier bricks complete the work that the brickies need to do, for now at least

Week 7 – 10 – 14 Mar

 Skip arrives!

Week 7 – 10 – 14 Mar

Vacating the dining room and moving table to the hallway in prep for the breakthrough

The calm before the storm

The chimney is stripped of marble. Nick brought his rubber hammer to make sure non was chipped

The roof is partially demolished in prep for the steelwork. The old beams are exposed ready for removal


Our new kitchen door way is nearly ready. All the wood is gone from the dining room

The walls get the message – They are on the way out

Uncle Moss’s M&M Crane on site to lift the beams

The beasts are in place

The old column is being stripped

Supports – looking a bit hairy…

Week 8

Foundations for the new wall between the new kitchen and from room

and the new wall in place plus RSJ

Week 9

No Progress – Issues with building control re roof construction

Week 10

No Progress

Week 11

Welding on the steels

Roof arrives

Week 12 – 23 April

Hurrah! First side on complete with velux framing

A day later and opposite side and rear pitch i place…looking good

Shaping up in side. Should be a nice space for entertaining

Middle window slightly longer which looks good

The side velux should get some much needed natural light in to the back of the kitchen

Couldn’t resist getting just one more velux added – just to balance things up

Soffits on

Can see the outline now and looking much more balanced that before

Roof battening

Nearly complete from the back

…and from the front

All the velux in now

a vast amount of first fit electrics to go in now

24 June

Scaffolding down Guttering up and first fit electrics almost complete

Looking forward to getting our house back and not having to eat in the hallway;-)

Rear door installed

Roof Insulation and bulkhead in for downlighters

Windows on order, so boarded for now

Plasterboard on


19 July 2014

Plaster work complete and Underfloor heating in

awaiting the windows

Screeding done

Our new ramshackle kitchen part painted with some of the lighting installed

Speakers installed

A view from the Lounge – from room squared off

when one door closes………

Daniels bedroom windows being installed – The archers slit is the side of the ensuite window

also kitchen door now moved to utility

Side windows in

New Corridor to Utility and Kitchen takes shape

Old kitchen – New Bedroom for Becky

New kitchen installed